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An Italian vacation can be one of the most incredible experiences in a personís lifetime.  However, what constitutes a moving episode in the life of an adult is not always the same for a child.  Creative Corner offers a unique program for the children of travelers guaranteed to create lasting memories of a great vacation for everyone in the family.

While parents pursue their interests at cooking and art classes or merely spend the day wandering the cityís museums and churches at their own pace, children will be experiencing Florence in their own way with classes and cultural experiences geared to their specific abilities and tastes.

Mini architecture and art appreciation classes introduce fun concepts about how and why Florentine masterpieces were made.  Using demonstrations and hand-on activities, the Renaissance will come alive for your child.  But, most importantly, when the lesson is finished everyone heads out to see the actual paintings, sculptures, and buildings. 

Italian language classes teach basic vocabulary, phrases, and expressions.  Your child will then takes this new knowledge outside and use it at local establishments.  By the end of the week they will be able to order and pay for a pizza, pannino, o gelato (pizza, sandwich, or ice cream)!

Cooking classes will introduce the incomparable food products of Italy and how they are used in typical Italian meals. This class ends with a trip to the open-air market to purchase ingredients (in Italian!).  When we return to Creative Corner, your child will make and eat a meal enjoyed by Italian families for centuries.

Creative Corner is also a special place for Italian children where they come to study, play, and learn English.  Your child may choose to simply join

their summer camp. There is a large garden with more organized physical activities taking place in the dance studio with professional instructors. 

The staff at Creative Corner is bilingual and includes certified elementary school teachers from the United States. All are experienced parents with children of their own who know from experience how to make the most of an Italian vacation for the ENTIRE family!


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