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Dance and gymnastics at Creative Corner are taught in a large, bright dance studio with windows overlooking the garden. The instructors are certified with many years experience.

Classical dance at Creative Corner is Russian and R.A.D. Classes are kept small to guarantee beginners opportunities for personal attention and personal expression. The program at the advanced level focuses more on the students' technical needs and form allowing them to go beyond the 'base' level and develop their talent.

Contemporary dance at Creative Corner has courses which teach skills and techniques that allow students to express themselves creatively. An international mix of classes are offered - tango, hip-hop, salsa, and classic modern.

Gymnastics at Creative Corner offers a variety of programs to help everyone feel fit and healthy. Pilates, yoga, jazz-gym and stretching courses are available to all ages and abilities. You can enjoy the camaraderie of working out with others while an instructor guides and encourages you along the way.

*Classical Dance
*Modern Dance
*Contemporary Dance
*Video Dance/Hip-hop


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